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Tone Williams #COMMENTS?

Before American slavery abolition, the total slave population south of the Mason-Dixon line was somewhere in the likes of FOUR MILLION predominately black people. The US government instituted chattel slavery and made BILLIONS OF DOLLARS from free slave labor. The tactics used by slave owners left Black Americans and other minorities stripped of their native tongues, religion and culture. We killed if we became literate and were taught to hate each other simply because of skin complexion.

Today, Black Americans are subjected to a NEW form of slavery. Many feel that the effects of slavery in the 18th and 19th century are still felt today. We were slaves then and we are slaves now; just this time it seems irreversible, right? Or are blacks in a much better position? Have we gained strides in America? This episode, we discuss the effects of slavery on Black Americans today, if any.
Tone Williams updated the event photo in RSVP: Setting The Tone Radio.
22.02.2015 at 01:43 pm
Tone Williams This Sunday's live radio show on will be on matters of the heart. If you've ever had your heart crushed, this is a show you don't wanna miss!

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13.02.2015 at 09:56 am
James Miller Happy valentines!
13.02.2015 at 10:06 am
Tone Williams This Sunday, we revisit the hypocrisy and need for CHILD SUPPORT, reintroduced live by me, the Dictator. Cougar Ma hosts this throwback topic along with Cool Chick, Monk and Ms. CN. What do you think? Should child support exist? Or has the government overstepped its bounds?01.02.2015 at 02:26 pm
Tone Williams Oh my. I'm sorry to hear about Bobbi Kristina Brown. What a sad day. We'll discuss briefly before we get started with tonight's show on Child Support. at 05:37 pm
James Miller Now that Valentines Day has passed, ladies gear up for the next Major holiday!
15.02.2015 at 07:15 pm
John Kore Ajibola For as by One Mans disobedience many were made sinners, so also by One Mans Obidience many will be made Righteous.. GOD Is Our Strength, GOD With Us.!!13.02.2015 at 05:00 am
Tone Williams We'll be back on next week, y'all! We apologize!08.02.2015 at 07:01 pm
Tone Williams Tone Williams changed the time of the event to be Sunday, February 1, 2015, 7:00pm - 9:00pm.25.01.2015 at 08:31 pm
Tone Williams Tone Williams changed the name of the event to "RSVP: Setting The Tone Radio".25.01.2015 at 08:31 pm

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